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Things To Keep in Mind About Truck Inventory Suppliers

It’s important to know the differences between Truck Inventory suppliers before you decide which ones to use. It would be best to remember that even though your supplier may not break their transportation costs down into individual components with a per-mile rate. They will still be able to provide great insight into how much it might cost them to ship a certain distance for you. We at New West Truck Centres offer our customers regular rate updates to help them find truck rates that will make their shipping costs more affordable.

Another thing to remember is that the rate may change depending on your delivery date, so you should factor this into the price of shipping as well. You may be able to receive a discounted rate if you plan far enough in advance, so be sure to ask about special deals or discounts that might be currently available.

Things You Can Expect From Truck Inventory Suppliers

1. Flexible Truck Rental Rates

Many Truck Inventory suppliers offer their customers various types of truck rental options. In the past, this meant the buyer couldn’t secure a rental truck from one supplier in the same price range as the other companies. Traditionally that meant you had to choose between renting from a company that offered slightly lower rates on certain routes and pick-ups or renting from a company that offered slightly higher rates on certain routes and pick-ups.

2. Trailer Rental Rates

Truck Inventory suppliers also offer trailer rental rates. Some of the more popular trailers used for hauling include flatbeds and van trailers. If you’re more interested in a single-axle trailer for hauling, this is also possible through the truck inventory company’s partner network.

3. Special Truck Loads

Another benefit of hiring a Truck Inventory company is that they can help you find special types of payload that they require to be hauled. For example, trailers are also used for hauling cargo and pallets, making it difficult for the buyer to find a suitable truck with this cargo space if there’s no spare space in their vehicle. That can be an especially useful service if you plan on selling off your stock quickly and don’t want to wait for a shipment from another supplier.

4. Seasonal Increases and Decreases in Rates

Truck Inventory suppliers typically reduce the rates of their trucks and trailers during the winter season, which is a great benefit for companies that must make winter shipments. You can also expect to see steady rate increases as spring approaches and increases in the summer when people start purchasing more goods. That can be particularly useful if you’re planning a new business venture and don’t want to risk having too much merchandise left over in your company at the end of the year. Write to Us.

5. Truck Maintenance and Insurance

You can also find a Truck Inventory supplier that offers truck maintenance as part of the package. For example, you could purchase insurance for your cargo at a discounted rate if you use a supplier that provides this service for their clients. Another benefit is that the insurance company won’t have to worry about their customers paying out of pocket if they have an issue with the truck driver that causes damage to the shipment. At the same time, it’s being transported to its destination.

6. Discounted Rates for Hiring Multiple Trucks

Another thing to remember about truck inventory suppliers is that you can get discounted rates on multiple trucks if you need transportation for a large load. For example, some Truck Inventory suppliers will offer a discount on a second vehicle if you hire two trucks simultaneously. These rates can be even more affordable if you plan a large-scale shipment with multiple truckloads.

7. Broker Pricing

These suppliers also offer broker pricing, which is helpful for companies that need to send small shipments to large destinations for a relatively low price. For example, suppose you have merchandise that must be shipped to multiple locations nationwide. In that case, a broker may be able to help you obtain better pricing when compared to using smaller truck inventory suppliers near those destinations.

8. Negotiations on Specialized Truck Loads

Truck Inventory suppliers also offer special cargo you may need to ship to make things easier for your company. For example, you can arrange for a truck fully loaded with pallets or cargo if you must transport a large shipment to your intended destination. 


New West Truck Centres offer several trucking options, including hauling services to and from the airport, long-haul logistics, and secure parking. Our Truck Inventory suppliers are great options for buyers looking for more trucks and trailers for transporting cargo over long distances. They are also ideal for companies trying to arrange shipments that need to be made over an extended period or need special loads. To know more, call us today at (403) 569 4800.


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