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Iphone 14 Feature and Price


When will Apple launch the next iPhone? We will find out in this article. The Iphone 14 will sport a 6.7-inch screen, a notch, and Face ID. A 4nm chip will be used for the processing of the device. The price will be higher than its predecessor, so you must prepare yourself for this new device. Moreover, we will be covering the new features of the next iPhone. Let us begin by checking out the specs of the next iPhone.

It will have a notch

There’s a new rumor that the iPhone 14 will ditch the notch. The display analyst Ross Young believes the iPhone 14 will sport a hole punch and a pill cutout at the top. The hole punch is said to house Apple’s Face ID infrared camera and the Dot projector. The rumored hole and pill design are depicted in 91Mobiles renders. The video also shows a base iPhone 14 without a notch.

The new rumors have fueled speculation about the iPhone 14 and its appearance. Apple is widely believed to be working on a new color for the iPhone 14, as well as a redesign of the iPhone 13 Pro. Meanwhile, My Smart Price posted the latest renders of the iPhone 14’s body. While the renders showed the same design as the iPhone 13, they revealed the notch and diagonal lens layout. Earlier this week, MacRumours reported that a prototype mold was leaked for a four-phone line.

It will have Face ID

When you buy a new iPhone, you will likely want to know if it has Face ID, or TouchID, as they are two different facial recognition systems. TouchID uses your fingerprint to unlock the phone. This new system is much more secure. You can also set a passcode to make sure it won’t be compromised if you lose it. To set up Face ID on your new iPhone, follow these steps:

To use Face ID, you must first confirm your identity. Whether you’re wearing sunglasses or not, the camera can still recognize you. Despite the fact that it works even in total darkness, you shouldn’t try to unlock your phone if you’re wearing a mask. You can disable Require Attention for Face ID on your iPhone, but this won’t prevent you from unlocking it with your face. You can also use an alternate face to unlock the phone if you’re wearing sunglasses.

It will have a 4nm chip

The upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 898+ will be made by TSMC, which is a chip foundry. This chip is expected to be available on the market in December. The first smartphones with the new chip will most likely be released in December or early January. Xiaomi Mi 11 was announced with a Snapdragon 888 in December. The upcoming Snapdragon 898+ will likely have a 4nm chip, but it’s hard to tell when this new chip will be available.

Apple is known to use advanced chips, but the M1 chip is more powerful and power-efficient than most Intel processors. The company has struggled to keep up with the process die size, as its latest CPUs use 10-nanometer fabrication. However, the Chinese chipmaker Digitimes has ordered TSMC’s 4nm supply. This means that Apple will be able to use this chip in the next generation of Macs. It’s not clear what will happen next, but it’s worth following the company closely.

It will have a pill-shaped cutout

Despite the widespread rumors, there is no concrete evidence that the next iPhone will feature a pill-shaped cutout. Apple has only changed the design of its iPhones once in the past decade, and the iPhone 13 ushered in the last big change. The new pill-shaped design would be significantly smaller than its predecessor, but it would still offer users a lot of room for components.

The new design for the iPhone may represent a step toward an iPhone without a notch, but if it is true, then it would be the first step in that direction. In the meantime, the pill-shaped cutout could only be found on the Pro models of the iPhone 14, such as the iPhone 14 Max, and could make its way into the rest of the lineup by 2023. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that the notch will still remain on the lower-end models of the iPhone 14.

It will have a dual camera

Apple is expected to increase the resolution of its cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro models. While there’s no definite word on this yet, rumors suggest that Apple is likely to introduce a periscope zoom lens for the new phones. This idea is not as solid as it sounds, but Kuo has cited the possibility of folding cameras as well. In fact, Apple has a patent for a foldable camera.

Speculation also suggests that the iPhone 14 will feature a dual camera setup. The primary camera will probably be 12 megapixels, while the secondary camera will probably be an ultra-wide-angle lens. The periscope camera will likely be limited to the two models, while the standard version may use the ultra-wide camera from the iPhone 13 Pro. That camera has auto-focusing and macro capabilities. The iPhone 14 is expected to be Apple’s latest flagship, and rumors continue to pour in.


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