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Celebrate an Eco-friendly Thanksgiving

Wastage of food around Thanksgiving is not an anomaly! But this problem is getting serious by the minute, and people are least bothered to try to change how they celebrate this auspicious occasion. However, some people are willing to find new ways to make this occasion less harmful to the earth and more joyous for the generations to come. Here’s how to celebrate a sustainable Thanksgiving to enjoy time with friends and family while reducing your carbon footprint.

Decompose the Waste

Do you know that household garbage, which includes food waste, increases by 25 per cent around the holiday season, i.e. between Thanksgiving and New Year, which results in food and harmful waste ending up in municipal landfills? All that trash releases an enormous amount of greenhouse gases as it decomposes, and when food waste goes to a landfill, it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is 10x dangerous for the earth. So, make sure to use a compost dust bin to put all the biodegradable garbage in that bin to compost later and repurpose. If you want to invest in a good-quality compost dust bin, use our exclusive Thanksgiving voucher code at Top Vouchers Code to bag huge bargains on your purchase.

Say no to the Disposables

With a gazillion dishes being served before you, that too with so many people at the table, Thanksgiving dinner can instantly turn into a truckload of dirty dishes. So, to avoid the chaotic situation of the dishes, people swap them with disposables, which is NOT a good idea! If you are trying to celebrate Thanksgiving sustainably, make sure to take out your fancy china or your grandma’s heirlooms. This is the type of day you’d want to serve and eat in a nice, shiny and sturdy plate to feel the vibe of this beautiful occasion. Yes, it will make you stand much longer at the sink than usual, but it’s okay! You will cherish these memories and this day when you’ve gone the extra mile to make everyone’s day.

Shop Locally Sourced Products

The closer your food is grown; the lower your food’s environmental impact will be. Try to shop from farmer’s markets or order a box of produce from a local farm offering that service. These options are most likely to be organic, making it a win-win situation for you! You can even source a turkey from a local farm or choose an organic turkey online. Another amazing tip is that you should always buy in bulk; spices, nuts and dry baking ingredients are some of the ingredients you can buy in large amounts, reducing packaging waste and saving you a ton of money. And the bonus tip is: ‘Always stick to your shopping list.’, Yes, we agree that it’s tempting to make unnecessary purchases because last-minute cheese and ramen won’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong! Resisting your cravings can lessen the amount of food waste! To shop for all the Thanksgiving essentials without breaking the bank, make sure to use the Thanksgiving discount code when you shop online.

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