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A Comprehensive Guide to Tuples and List Difference

tuple and list difference

The modification capabilities of lists and tuples are compared and contrasted. Lists may be edited while tuples cannot. Because they retain the information they have learned, tuples are known for their exceptional memory. Tuples have access to fewer methods (33…

How to Work With Python Namespaces Explained In Detail

python namespace

In this article, we’ll talk about the python namespace and all of its components, such as its namespaces, namespace types, and namespace scopes. Objects are the center of attention in Python’s namespaces. What we call anything becomes its official name.…

An In-depth Guide to Python Identifiers

identifiers in python

Python, a popular high-level programming language, is simple, readable, and has a large library. When programming in Python, it is essential to understand the concept of keywords and identifiers. These two concepts are the building blocks of any programming language…